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Do you use, sell… biocidal or phytosanitary products?

Do you want to develop your skills in the gardening sector?

Do you want to professionalize or review your skills with dogs and cats?

Do you want to develop your knowledge beyond these certifications? Discover our other training courses?

Le Certibiocide

Certibiocide is a MANDATORY individual certificate which attests to sufficient knowledge to use, buy, sell or advise products classified as BIOCIDE.

3 Certibiocides are available depending on the type of products used:

– Certibiocide Désinfectants (RS 6440)

– Certibiocide Other products (RS 6441)

– Certibiocide Pests (RS 6442)

Le Certiphyto

The individual certificate is mandatory to use, buy, sell or advise biocontrol products, products approved for organic farming or plant protection products.

There are 5 Certiphytos depending on your use of the products:

– Decision maker in a company subject to approval (DESA) (RS 5655)

– Decision maker in a company not subject to approval (DENSA) (RS 5655)

– Operator (RS 5653)

– Advice (RS 5656)

– Sale (RS 5654)

The Seller Cycle

Our training cycle for DIY and garden center salespeople has been designed to meet the unique needs of this sector.  

We train you in the sale of alternative methods, the use of phytosanitary products, as well as the promotion of the point of sale and customer relations.

This cycle allows novice salespeople to acquire the skills necessary for their position and experienced salespeople to develop their knowledge. (RS 6374)


The ACACED is the “Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species”.

This certificate is issued by the DRAAF* of the region. It is a certifying training eligible for the CPF which is compulsory for carrying out activities related to domestic animals. (RS 5650)

*DRAAF: regional directorate of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (regional service of the Ministry in charge of Agriculture)

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