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Located in France, BIOVA  provides seed/plant health testing to its customers. But who are they?
Seed companies, seed experts, seed traders, cooperative group of farmers, plant breeders, multiplier farmers, etc. Anyone with the need to test seeds!
Our experience and expertise allow us to carry a broad range of testing. Mycology and nematology are our primary focus but we are also providing detections of bacteria, virus, insects and weeds.
Please check our order form to get a precise view on what we do:
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It must be told that we are used to work on different kinds of seeds: maize, sunflower, cereals, rapeseed, beet, sorghum, soybean.
We are holding an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation on official methods:


Please contact us to organize the sampling and shipping of your samples to our facilities:

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