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Seed analysis and plant pathology laboratory

BIOVA Laboratoire has a highly qualified team, capable of guaranteeing a guarantee of quality for its customers.

We have the equipment and know-how necessary to carry out seed and plant pathology analyzes under ISO 9001 certification and according to the international standard ISO CEI 17025 scope No. 1-6008 available on for analyzes of seeds in mycology and virology.

To facilitate access to the results, our customers have a secure space on our website. Our laboratory provides fast and reliable results, and facilitates a customer experience that is autonomous from placing the order to retrieving analysis results.

A certified laboratory

Our analyzes are carried out under ISO 9001 version 2015 certification and under COFRAC accreditation according to the international standard ISO CEI 17025 (Accreditation number 1-6008, scope of accreditation available on ).

BIOVA Laboratoire facilities benefit from Quarantine Facilities Approval according to decree n°R76-2022-264/ DRAAF.

BIOVA supports you in your R&D projects. Since 2022, the BIOVA Laboratory has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Research. We are eligible for the Research Tax Credit.

Knowledge sharing

Our laboratory shares its know-how in the recognition and diagnosis of diseases (legumes, vegetables, field crops, etc.) as well as practical training on the health analysis of seeds.

Customized training can be provided intra- or inter-company. Also possible remotely, face-to-face training remains recommended for a better learning experience, particularly for practice and observation.

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